Every year, more and more schools are learning about the benefits of having a 3D printer in the vicinity of the school. The ability to turn drawings, designs, basic CAD designs into reality in a matter of hours is not only extremely interesting to the students but it is also

The filament you use will be crucial for the performance and aesthetics of your prints. So, it is important to have a basic understanding of different filaments and their function if you don’t want to be lost while buying one. Here is a quick guide to the basic filaments and

After the printing process is over there are still a variety of things you can do to improve the visual appeal and function of your print. This period where you make changes to the print will be called the post-processing phase. With an extensive post-processing stage, you can achieve extremely


STL extension, which stands for "Stereolithography", is a type of format obtained by dividing the surfaces of 3D designed models into many triangles in a mathematical order, and these triangles represent the 3-dimensional model with three points. The detail of the model increases in direct proportion to the number of these triangles. The STL file type is the most widely used 3D printing format. STL files store the volume information of 3D models.

3D printing is fast becoming an exciting technology for spacecraft manufacturing and especially rockets.