Aerospace Manufacturing: Safran’s Innovative Use of Zaxe 3D Printers

In the rapidly evolving aerospace sector, the integration of advanced technologies is pivotal to maintaining competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Among the frontiers of innovation, 3D printing stands out, offering versatile solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. Safran, a global leader in aircraft propulsion and equipment, has embraced this technology through its collaboration with Zaxe, a prominent 3D printer manufacturer. This blog post explores how Safran has harnessed the power of Zaxe’s Z3S 3D printers to enhance its manufacturing processes, drive productivity, and meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry. We’ll delve into specific applications, the benefits of adopting Zaxe printers, and the substantial impact these tools have had on Safran’s operations.

Can you present yourself and your company?

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space, and defense sectors. Safran has a global presence in 27 countries and is a major player in the aeronautics industry, excluding aircraft manufacturers. In 2022, Safran achieved a turnover of 19 billion euros. The company employs 83,000 people worldwide and invests significantly in research and development. Safran Landing Systems, a subsidiary, is a leading aeronautical equipment manufacturer, with 7,000 employees across 8 countries, servicing over 90,000 landings per day and supplying equipment for more than 33,000 aircraft.

How have you been using 3D printers at work?

Since 2018, Safran has been utilizing 3D printing technology extensively. The initial applications were primarily focused on creating protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as nose clips and door handle blocks. Over time, the use of 3D printers expanded to include more complex parts like thread protectors and various support components for supplier systems. The number of printers grew from one to eight, reflecting the increasing demand and diversification of uses within the company.

Can you describe the applications and the parts you printed with the Z3S printer from Zaxe?

The Z3S printer from Zaxe was introduced to Safran Landing Systems in December 2023. Initially, the focus was on producing PLA parts, and one specific application detailed is a protective cover for a steady rest on a 4-axis numerical turning machine. This part was crucial in preventing steel chips from interfering with the machine operation, which previously caused surface damage to parts and production delays. The use of the Z3S printer enabled rapid prototyping, allowing several versions to be created swiftly, thus minimizing downtime and enhancing production efficiency.

Another significant application involves the use of TPU material for producing protective components. For instance, a specific protective part of a diameter 90 mm was produced in just 1 hour, compared to 3.5 hours with conventional methods. This efficiency gain was critical when responding to a large order on short notice, highlighting the printer’s ability to meet urgent production demands efficiently.

These examples illustrate the versatile capabilities of the Z3S printer in Safran’s operations, providing fast and reliable solutions to emergent challenges, reducing manual corrections, and speeding up overall production timelines.

What are the advantages of Zaxe?

The Z3S printer from Zaxe offers significant advantages for Safran, particularly in its ability to ensure fast and reliable production during emergency situations. The user-friendliness of the Zaxe printer facilitates seamless integration into existing workflows, allowing machine operators in Safran’s Fablab to easily adapt to additive manufacturing technologies. This integration effectively bridges the gap between traditional manufacturing methods and innovative 3D printing technologies. Additionally, the collaboration with the 3D Advance team has been instrumental in introducing Safran to this manufacturer, which has significantly enhanced their capability to meet urgent and complex production demands that would have been challenging to manage without the advanced capabilities of the Z3S printer.

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