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Strength is a much sought-after property for a 3D-printed item. It will dictate the durability and longevity of the printed end-use products and is directly correlated with the performance of the parts. Additive manufacturing is now being used in more fields than it ever did and as different industries start

3D printing and drones are two unstoppable juggernauts of the tech industry right now based on the speed at which they develop and reinvent themselves. They both sort of offer a level of freedom in their respective fields that was not seen until very recently and the full potential of

With numerous expos on the way, it will be an eventful couple of months for the whole 3D printing community. Like many other 3D printing companies, we are working hard and getting ready to showcase the newest developments in our products. Here’s what Zaxe has been up to in September. 

Few fields adopted additive manufacturing methods as effectively and prominently as the architecture industry. The flexibility and speed of 3D printing satisfy the needs of architects and architecture students so perfectly that it is becoming a staple in the field. Expensive paper models are becoming a thing of the past

3D Printing overhangs freely without the need for supports is the dream of all FDM 3D printing veterans. Supports are somewhat of a nuisance. They take way too long to print, waste material, and have the potential to ruin the surfaces of your prints. It’s just too much work to

NFC is one of those technologies that is so simple and useful that you can’t be surprised how prevalent it became in such a short time period. It is already in our lives one way or another and makes some of the daily transactions much quicker. It is a foolproof