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If you use your 3D printer often, there is a chance you only print with a handful of filament types. We as people tend to find our favorite thing and stick to it. But to keep things interesting, it is important to experiment. Even a standard FDM printer can print

Implementing 3D printing to your design workflow will make it easier to visualize concepts. But what tools are you using to make said designs? Chances are, it is CAD software that helps you design products, establish the strengths and weaknesses of the design, and allows you to find solutions for

STL extension, which stands for "Stereolithography", is a type of format obtained by dividing the surfaces of 3D designed models into many triangles in a mathematical order, and these triangles represent the 3-dimensional model with three points. The detail of the model increases in direct proportion to the number of these triangles. The STL file type is the most widely used 3D printing format. STL files store the volume information of 3D models.

Electric bicycle, also known as e-bike, is the blend of today's technology of the transportation vehicle that has been used as 2-wheelers in the past, but also has 3-4 or more wheel variations, allowing us to move by turning the pedal.

With 3D printer technologies, many areas are improving day by day. 3D printed thin boats could carry drugs inside the human body. The research interests of Rachel Doherty, Daniela Kraft and their teammates from Leiden University in the Netherlands are micro-swimmers. Micro-swimmers used in research so far have generally remained

Barcelona-based company Novameat produced beefsteak of vegetable origin using a 3D printer.