3D Micro Bodies Can Carry Drugs In Our Body

With 3D printer technologies, many areas are improving day by day. 3D printed thin boats could carry drugs inside the human body.
The research interests of Rachel Doherty, Daniela Kraft and their teammates from Leiden University in the Netherlands are micro-swimmers. Micro-swimmers used in research so far have generally remained spherical shapes. But scientists at Leiden University have produced various forms of micro-swimmers with 3D printers.

These micro swimmers are printed with high precision 3D printers using electron microscopy. One of the printed micro-swimmers is 3D Benchy, very familiar to us. 3D Benchy is the boat model we use to test our 3D printers. The 3D Benchy produced by scientists is 30 micrometers in size, which means one third of the thickness of the hair. The 3D boat is so small that it can float on a hair shaft.
Micro swimmers have two main goals in research.

First, to produce microscopic objects in the human body, small enough to travel in fluids, that can carry drugs, to treat diseases.

Another goal of the study is to better understand the behavior of bacteria of the same size as microscopic objects.
In addition to the 3D Benchy, a pointed sphere, a star ship, a spiral and a spiral body of the same dimensions were also produced.

3D printing technology offers new possibilities in the field of micro-swimmers, while previously research was only conducted on spherical parts.

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